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Exhibitor/Trader Instructions 2021

The following instructions apply to all Exhibitors, Exhibitor Assistants, exhibit Owners, Traders and others associated with each exhibit or stand, whilst attending the Steam Rally within Bailey Park (the site of the Steam Rally event).

Each Entrant / Trader will receive a numbered Rally Pass and a coloured Marker Sign, to allow them to enter Bailey Park. If you also need parking space for support vehicles and any trailers or tents, please indicate your requirements. Where space is required and available for Model, Craft, Motorcycle and Tractor section support vehicles, a Parking Pass will be issued. Both your Parking Pass and the Marker Sign must be clearly displayed at the front of your vehicle throughout the Rally. Passes are not transferrable. (Other sections will not require Parking Passes.) Follow the coloured traffic signs matching with your Marker Sign when approaching Bailey Park to enter at the correct gate.

You may only bring one trailed vehicle into the Park. Multiple runs bringing in additional caravans etc is not allowed. The driver and one passenger of each of each driven vehicle are allowed free entry. Additional passengers will be charged the normal pedestrian fee at the appropriate rate for each person.

Please follow the Steward’s or Marshall’s instructions when parking your vehicle(s).

Great care must be exercised when moving or driving any vehicle, particularly when the public is present during the event. The speed limit in Bailey Park is 5 mph and the provisions of the Highway Code apply, as if the grass and tarmac pathways were public highways. There shall be no movement of vehicles without the supervision of a Steward or Marshall and their directions and instructions must be followed at all times. The Section Stewards have authority to control all exhibits within their section, with Marshalls responsible to the Stewards.

Vehicles are to travel around Bailey Park on the tarmac perimeter track, to minimise movement over the grass.

All drivers must have a valid driving licence, MoT and road use insurance for any driven vehicle and that vehicle must be road legal. These documents must be produced upon a request from the Health & Safety Officer. Under age persons will not be permitted to drive in Bailey Park. Un-registered or non-road legal vehicles may only be driven within the Arena area or under the immediate direction of a Steward or Marshall.

Driving of vehicles around the perimeter track or along the grass ‘roadways’ between display areas is not permitted.

Where the Entrant is not the Owner of an exhibit the Entrant must have the permission of the Owner to enter the exhibit. Both the Owner and the Entrant must complete and sign the Application Form.

Organisers, Stewards and Marshalls may be indentified by yellow ‘Hi-Vis’ jackets. A list of all Organisers and Stewards acting on behalf of the Abergavenny Steam Rally Co. Ltd. will be held in the Rally Control tent, together with a copy of the Current Health and Safety Manual. ‘Hi-Vis’ clothing may not be worn by exhibitors or traders.

Classic Cars and Classic Caravans are to enter Bailey Park via Gate 4. Support vehicles (caravans, motorhomes, trucks) bringing exhibits are to enter via Gate 5. Lorries bringing Steamers and other self propelling vehicles are to park in the Fairfield Public Car Park in the spaces provided. All other vehicles including support vehicles bringing static items are to enter via Gate 1. These support vehicles are to unload and then leave Bailey Park immediately.

Gates 1, 2, 4 and 5 (See diagram of Bailey Park) will be available as vehicle exits at the end of the Rally. Large vehicles exiting via the Main Gate are to TURN LEFT onto the Hereford Road and northwards to the A465, to avoid congestion at the traffic lights immediately outside Bailey Park. Those travelling westwards (A40 towards Brecon) are to leave via Gate 2, which accesses onto the A40 Park Road. Again, use the perimeter track wherever possible and avoid driving on the grass.

Make every effort to attend if your Application is accepted, otherwise you may not be accepted next year.

Entrants, Traders, Caterers, Organ owners, Entertainers and Funfair operators must arrive after 9am on Friday 28th May but before 6pm Saturday 29th May. Classic Cars, Motorcycles and exhibits that do not require support vehicles, may arrive on event days only but must arrive before 10.00am to avoid driving in Bailey Park when the public are present. You will only be allowed entry to Bailey Park within the times given above.

Traders who trade under a name different from that on the payment cheque must add the cheque account name to their Application Form or their trading name on the back of their cheque.

All vehicle exhibits must have been first registered before 1991 and other exhibits (not craft or trade items) must be at least 15 years old. The date of registration (or build, for non-registered items) must be clearly shown on the Application Form. Where you wish to show a younger exhibit, converted vehicle or one of particular interest, contact the Section Steward beforehand and provide a photograph of your exhibit. Requests for such entries will be considered but not be automatically accepted. The decision of the Steward and the Organising Committee is final.

All powered exhibits or those containing energy storage devices (boilers, springs, batteries, capacitors etc) must carry current third party or public liability insurance of £1,000,000 minimum indemnity value.

An independent security patrol will be present at night (6pm to 6am, following day) from Friday 28th May morning. During the day (6am to 6pm) Abergavenny Steam Rally Co. Ltd. Stewards will be on duty.

Before leaving the event, Exhibitors and Traders must ensure that all objects or materials, particularly sharp or metal items and waste are removed from Bailey Park or placed in the Refuse Skips provided. This also applies to any unwanted food, teabags or similar items. A fresh water tap and foul water disposal tank will be provided near Gate 1.

Please leave Bailey Park by 7pm Monday 31st May.

Health and Safety Instructions

A copy of the Health and Safety Manual is available in the Steam Rally Organisers Control Tent near the entranceto the arena.

In the case of an emergency there are 5 Gates for evacuation purposes of which Gates 1 (Hereford Rd), 2 (Park Rd), 4 (Park Avenue - Classic Car entrance) and 5 (Park Avenue) are designated vehicle access points.

In accordance with Gwent Fire Brigade guidelines, caravans and tents parked on the site will require a minimum distance of 1.5 metres fire break space and 3.1 metres aisle space for access of emergency vehicles. The tarmac pathway/road adjacent to Park Lane (at rear of Stationary Engines) is for emergency vehicles only.

Although during the Rally fire extinguishers will be available at locations around Bailey Park, we can not guarantee they are appropriate for your specific risks or that they will be located in a position close to you. It is therefore the responsibility of each exhibitor, trade stand, caterer and overnight camper to provide their own appropriate well maintained Fire extinguishing equipment for all the Fire risks they may present. During Rally preparation days, fire extinguishers will be available at the Rotary control Tent sited approx 75 metres from the main gate near to the football Goal posts. During the days of Steam Rally on the 30th and 31st May Fire Extinguishers will be available at each corner of the Park. These will be signposted as Fire Points. Our Steam Rally utility vehicle will also be carrying a Fire Extinguisher on board. During this period the Fire Service may also be in attendance on site, but this cannot be guaranteed as they maybe called away at anytime and so should not be relied on.

St. John Ambulance will be in attendance during the Rally. During the Rally preparation, the point of contact for any accidents will be the Marshal at the Hereford Road (main vehicle entry) gate. The nearest hospital to Bailey Park with an Accident and Emergency Department (24 hour cover) is Nevill Hall Hospital, Brecon Road, Abergavenny, Telephone 01873 732732.

The Police will be available on an emergency call out basis. The number to ring is 999.

Every accident must be reported in the Accident Book which will be with the Health & Safety Manual situated in the Steam Rally Control Tent, see point 1.

Unguarded open fires will not be allowed on site but guarded barbeques and gas cookers are acceptable if they are well maintained and used with due care and attention (see also section 4)

Any use of vehicles on site must be with considerable caution as the venue is designated a pedestrian area and the speed limit of 5mph is mandatory.

When the public is present in Bailey Park there must be no movement of vehicles except under the control of the Rally Stewards or Marshalls who may be identified by yellow tabards.

A copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate in the Health & Safety Manual is available for inspection in the Steam Rally Control Tent, see point 1.

If you have any Health & Safety queries please contact Chris Breakwell, Health & Safety Officer via the Steam Rally Control Tent. See point 1. (Mob no. 07973 719395)

Conditions of Entry (Classic car section)

Owing to the restricted space of Bailey Park, entries may be limited in number by the Abergavenny Steam Rally Co. Ltd. (here-in-after referred to as the 'Company') dependant upon availability. Completion of this Application Form does not guarantee acceptance.

Parked Vehicles and Exhibits must clearly display their Code Numbered Pass and their Parking Pass throughout the Rally. Vehicle Movement on site will only be allowed under Steward or Marshall control. Vehicles and vehicle exhibits may not be removed from Bailey Park until after 5.00 pm. Owners and Exhibitors accept all responsibility for the safe condition of their exhibit(s) and for compliance with all legal insurance and licence requirements for themselves and their exhibit(s).

Exhibitors who place others at risk, behave irresponsibly, offensively or break the law will be evicted from the Rally. The Company reserves the right to evict, refuse entry or remove the invitation to attend the Rally at any time.

The selling or advertising for sale of any items including vehicle parts is restricted to approved trade stands who pay for the rights to carry out such activities.

By applying for an entry pass I am confirming I have read, accept and agree to comply with the Conditions of Entry to the Abergavenny Steam Rally together with the Health & Safety Instructions and the Exhibitor Instructions. I agree that as an exhibitor or owner of an exhibit that I participate in and travel to and from the Abergavenny Steam Rally at my own risk. I confirm that I am covered by my own third party or public liability insurance (not less than £1,000,000) for the exhibit for which I am responsible or which I own that I will be taking to and showing at the Abergavenny Steam Rally.